Agile Explained: The Basics

What is Agile Explained?

Agile Explained is focused on helping you learn about Agile. Maybe you’ve heard the term but don’t know what the big deal is. We’ll explain that. Maybe you’re interviewing for an internship, and anticipating they’re going to ask you about Agile. We have cheat sheets for that. Maybe you are leading an Agile Team and want to see mature you are at your practices. We have a quiz for that.

Agile is a term for iterative development, and project management. Agile is typically used in Software development. In recent years, it’s been used in manufacturing, process development, and personal productivity. There are people using it to Build Cars.

We Can Help You.

Agile Explained is your solution for learning the basics of Agile and how to apply it. Created by professionals working in Agile Development this site will help you:

  • Understand the different kinds of Agile development
  • Understand the differences between Agile and Waterfall
  • Understand the Agile Manifesto and meaning behind it
  • Understand Agile Best Practices, and how to apply them.
  • Understand how the Agile Best Practices support the Agile Manifesto
  • Understand the Roles in Agile. Who does what?

Start here: Agile Quick-Start (Free PDF)

Resources and References include:

  • Cheat Sheets for roles, ceremonies and best practices
  • Where to find training
  • Sample exercises you can use for retrospectives
  • Charts for reporting status
  • A survey for determinging your organizations agile maturity.
  • Reference guides for new Scrummasters.
  • Reference guides for new Product Owner
  • Team building exercises that don’t suck.

Agile Explained is a reference site. It has basic Agile information and connections to advanced information, we want to help you be confident in your role on an Agile team. Whether you are a team member, leading the team or simply an executive monitoring a team, we have resources for you.

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